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We wish to offer you a warm welcome into DMNA. We are happy to have you with us and hope that we can have many hours of fun together. In this document you will find all the necessary information you need to register your characters and get access to all of the programs we use outside of EVE. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact any corp director or member of the HR team in the #hr-requests channel of the corp discord - we’re happy to help!

After working through this document you should be able to:

  • Access Our Corporation Discord
  • Access The Goonfleet Forum
  • Access Our Voice Comms
  • Receive Alliance Pings
  • Understand How To Make Isk As A New Player
  • Know How To Join Fleets


We use Discord to organize all internal corporate business. We use it for:

  • Text chat
  • Informing members about new corporation policies
  • Scheduling upcoming corporation fleets and events

Registration is mandatory.

So how do you join the corp discord?

  • Go to and download + install the application for your operating system.
  • Create an account within the application
  • Join our server by clicking:
  • Use @Director to have director give you permissions in #registration-lobby

A couple of important channels:

Information about current corp ongoings concerning every member.

Used for chatting about random EVE and non-EVE related subjects.

Used for addressing all HR issues and questions.

Used for chatting with non GSF (Goonswarm Federation) friends of the corp.

A handy bot which will answer questions about the current market situation.


The Goonfleet forum is the central hub for all information concerning our alliance.

We use it to:

  • Get information about current fittings used by GSF
  • Get access to the rules of the alliance
  • Get information about a plethora of useful topics
  • Have the ability to apply to sigs and squads

Registration is mandatory. Regular usage is strongly encouraged.

Important !!!

If you have ever had an account on the goonfleet forum, even if it is from years ago or on a different character or for whatever reason DO NOT create a new account. The alliance takes this extremely seriously. If you have any issues regarding an existing account please do not hesitate to contact HR and we will sort it out.

FC what do?

  • Go to:
  • Click: LOG IN with EVE Online
  • Log into your main EVE account
  • Follow the instructions
  • Log in: change your password.
  • Log out and log back in
  • Go to the characters section of and register ALL of your characters.


The ESA password is used to connect to a variety of alliance services, such as Mumble (voice communications), Jabber (alliance ping and chat service), Affordable Care (alliance SRP) and the GSF-Wiki.

Registration is mandatory.

FC what do?


When we play the game, we are on Mumble and TS3. We use TS3 to chat amongst ourselves, hold corp meetings. Mumble for alliance ops.

* Registration is mandatory for Mumble. Usage is mandatory whenever you are logged into EVE Online. You must have been logged in to Mumble within the last 7 days of a loss to be eligible for SRP *

* If you do not feel like chatting or watching a movie while ratting, etc… It is totally acceptable to move yourself to the AFK channel. You being logged into Mumble is a metric tracked by the alliance and not doing so can result into disadvantages for DMNA.

FC what do?

  • Download and install Mumble at:
  • Add Server to favourites
  • Label: Name it will appear in your favourites
  • Address:
  • Port: 64738
  • Username: From the ESA page from before (remember)
  • After you connect for the first time it will ask you for a password. It is going to be from the ESA page you defined earlier.

A note to all those channels:

You can ignore most of them in the beginning. I will list a few which you might use in the beginning:

  • Fireside Chat
  • Alliance meetings are held here
  • OP 1-9 [Some weird name]
  • These are used for Alliance fleets
  • Theta comms
  • This is where you go if you get tackled near our home system. The guys there can help you out. For more info check this, especially point 3.
  • DMNA on TS3
  • That is where we hang out, chat and hold corporation internal fleets also used for other games as well.

TS3 Inquire on discord for TS3 info (main chit chat comms)


This tool is used primarily to send out notifications (pings) for upcoming fleets. Its secondary use is to chat in Special Interest Groups (more on that later) or about random topics.

* Registration is mandatory. Usage is mandatory whenever you are logged into EVE Online. You must have been logged in within the last 7 days of a loss to be eligible for SRP 

FC what do?

  • Download and install Pidgin at:
  • Go to Accounts -> Manage Accounts and input the following:
         a. Protocol: XMPP 
         b. Screen name: From the ESA page 
         c. Domain: 
         d. Resource: You can define where you are (not important) 
         e. Password: Your ESA Password 
         f. Local Alias: The name you see for yourself (not important) 
You will now receive pings from Directorbot about outgoing fleets. There are many other uses for jabber, which are optional, but useful. You can find more information here:


Participation links (PAPs) are used by the alliance to track activity of its members and corporations. You get them during Alliance fleets, which are pinged over jabber. On some very important or long operations you will get two PAPs. They are quite important for DMNA. We are a small corporation within GSF and good participation metrics, which are calculated and published every month, give us more power within the alliance to negotiate for nice things. After all we pride ourselves on being an active PvP corporation so getting many PAPs from each member should not be an issue. Additionally aDashboard is used to report intel, namely d-scan and local scan. The tool can be found here.

Registration is optional, however strongly encouraged.

Important !!!

The aim for each separate person is to generate 5 strategic PAPs per month. PAPs are account wide and not per character.

If you are absent for a longer period of time please ask for an LOA in #hr-requests


GARPA is used as a route planning tool for EVE Online. Its main advantage over the ingame system is that it will also take into account jump bridges, which were installed by GSF or our allies. It has an overlay which you can place over your EVE client where you can select your ship type and get accurate prediction on how long your travel will take.

Usage is optional.

For more information about the extensive tool please visit:


Near2 is a tool which keeps track on your intel channels and will warn you with different sounds if enemies are reported near you. This can save your life while ratting or mining and can indicate targets for you to kill while you are out hunting.
Usage is optional, however strongly encouraged while ratting and mining.

FC what do?

  • Log into EVE with the character you want to use Near2 with
  • Join the main GSF intel channel - delve.imperium
  • Read the MOTD of this channel and join any other intel channels that are relevant to you.
  • Download Near2 at
  • Install the software and launch it.
  • Run through the configuration.


The alliance is staging out of 1DQ1-A. All alliance and corporation fleets will leave from there. It is also a huge market hub, where you can buy most of the items you will ever need. Our main system for ratting and mining is J-LPX7.

We strongly recommend that you sell off any expensive items you have in your old home instead of trying to get them to delve. Most things can be bought down here at a decent price and it saves you the hassle of moving. If you have something special you want to move, ask around in Discord or Mumble and we will find a solution.

New players: Please ask your recruiter or in Mumble how to move down here. If you are a new player you can, under certain circumstances, remotely set your home. This allows you to self destruct and wake up down here.

As a new member of GSF you get 350`000 m3 shipped for free. For more information click here.
Small guide to moving around delve without getting killed DMNA Guide to Not Being Murdered


As a new player you will get a lot of free stuff from the Alliance in order to do PvP. However making your own ISK will become necessary rather quickly if you want to fly bigger and meaner ships. This section is a general guideline rather than a step by step guide. It should serve as a basis in order to ask or google more information about the topic.

These are the conventional ways you can make money down here:

  • Salvaging
  • Exploration
  • Mining
  • Ratting


One of the easiest ways to make money as a new player. Our veterans who use big ships cannot be bothered to loot and salvage (recycle) all the wrecks of enemies. If you ask nicely in Mumble when you are online, they will share bookmarks with you and you can loot and salvage and turn a nice profit. The only thing you need for this is a destroyer with salvagers. Ask in Mumble and we will figure out a good fit, depending on what you can fly best. If you decide to be a full time salvager the next progression would be the Noctis.
More on this here.


Sucking rocks is a great way to relax in between PvP fleets and make some money. Although you could start out in a Venture, we recommend waiting until you can fly a Procurer. If you enjoy mining the Rorqual is the non-plus-ultra in m3 per hour.
More on this here.


Killing NPC pirates will earn you ISK through bounties. As a brand new player you can kill the pirates at asteroid belts, but the real money starts when you can fly a VNI and start doing combat sites. The natural ship progression from your VNI would be: Gila into Rattlesnake into a ratting carrier of your choice.

Feel free to ask any questions you have regarding these topics on Mumble. We will point you in the right direction.

For more information on ratting policy and procedure please goto the GSF wiki page here.

GSF Wiki

The GoonSwarm wiki is a repository of all knowledge you will need to get started in GSF

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